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JIMMY EasyClean SF8

Cordless Handheld Hardfloor Cleaner
Cleans in One Pass without Stains

Patented Dual-brushroll

Wetter Spray Control

LED Display Screen

35mins Using Time

Brushroll Self-cleaning

Low Working Noise


Patented Dual Brushrolls

Patented front and rear dual-brushroll design. During use, the brushrolls rotate relative to each other, making the machine easy to push and pull.


Eksterne wettersprayoutlet

Útrist mei de unike fisuele eksterne wetter spray outlet mei ien knop om maklik te spuiten wetter.


90° Rotatable Cleaning

EasyClean SF8’s metal tube can rotate 90 degrees and enable the floorhead to enter every low places freely for deep cleaning.


Yntelligint LED Display

Intelligent LED-display toant realtime batterijlibben, skjinmakmodus en oare ynformaasje, en helpt om better skjinmeitsjenplan te meitsjen.


Ferfangbere lithiumbatterij

Genietsje fan cordless skjinmeitsjen gemak mei maksimaal 35 minuten fan run tiid, en kin maklik ferdûbelje run tiid mei in ekstra batterij pack.

Patented dual-brushroll

Patented front and rear dual-brushroll design. During use, the brushrolls rotate relative to each other, making the machine easy to push and pull. Easy operation with just one hand



Wash and scrub in one step

Save time by washing and scrubbing your floors at the same time. Easily clean wet and dry messes, leaving floors instantly dry and stain free.


Advanced LED display manage your cleaning work easily

View everything you need at a glance, including battery power, dirty water tank full and clean water tank empty reminding, self-cleaning reminding. Giving your a fast, easy cleaning experience.


Separate clean/dirty water tank - Always wipe with clean water

Easy to install, remove and clean the separate clean/dirty water tanks.Dirty water is removed from the front of the brushroll into a separate dirty tank, enable you to continuously clean the floor with clean water.


Selsreinigend systeem
Hâld jo hannen skjin

Easily activate the self-cleaning function with just one touch. The machine flushes brushroll with clean water, keeping the brushroll clean and your home odor-free.


Precise water spray technology

Be equipped with a visual external water spray button, anytime, anywhere, with one button to easily spray water, and the amount of water can be controlled. Even stubborn stains can be easily cleaned.


Replaceable lithium battery pack, 35mins using time

4x2500mAH high quality Lithium-ion replaced battery pack, drives to 35 minutes cleaning time.



Give you a comfortable cleaning experience


Rotates 90 degrees

Maklik skjin te meitsjen ûnder meubels


Use with multi-Surface floor cleaning solution

Fast sterilization, long-lasting antibacterial Deep clean / Remove odor / Fragrant smell *Please refer to the outer packaging of the product for specific usage.


Draadloos en lichtgewicht

The lightweight, cordless design makes it easy to carry around. Cleaning every corner at home effortlessly and conveniently.


Free to stand upright

No need to lean the machine against the wall or bend down to put the machine on the ground. JIMMY EasyClean can stand up anywhere. Free your hands and make cleaning more convenient.


More considerate details

-Lock catch type dirty water tank, convinient disassembly

-Detachable and washable brushroll

-Portable storage base

Wat is ynbegrepen

JIMMY EasyClean- 备件

JIMMY EasyClean- 白底图

  • Product Name: JIMMY Cordless Handheld EasyClean SF8
  • Voltage: 14.4V
  • Rated Power: 60W
  • Maksimum wurktiid: 35 minuten
  • Cleaning Water Tank Kapasiteit: 0.4L
  • Smoarge wettertank Kapasiteit: 0.18L
  • Battery Specification: 4×2500mAH, 36WH
  • Lade tiid: 4H
  • Cleaning Solution Volume: 500mL
  • Lûd: 68dBA
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